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We have released a special unique 8 gig USB Jumpoff Drive (A basic Book of My PDX Life and travels Anthology) with 11 albums / video links / media kit / Bios and alot of extra special artistic suprises. This unique drive is a living audio documentary of a Portland Burnside skateboarder with a passion of 90’s Hip Hop/Punk Rock influenced culture. This drive contains an Arsenal of Artists and special guests collaborating with Indamix such as Average White Band, Black Thought (The Roots),Dead Prez, Talib Kweli, Pete Rock , Alchemist, Dialted Peoples, Abstract Rude, Aceyalone, APlus (Hiero), Skillz, Cappadonna, 2mex, Artifax , Mykah 9 (FF) and many more. Don’t delay, we don’t know how long they Will last at this ticket. These are very exclusive!

Only $50.00 plus shipping. You will be super excited to get this in the mail delivered right to your door step. BeleeDat!!

USB drive contains:

“PDX to NYC Connection mixed by Pete Rock”
MY-G “AWB” EP (mixtape) 2016
MY-G “Always on the Clock” Album
MY-G “Book of Life” Album (2014)
MY-G featuring Laura Ivancie / Fly Trapper “Blowin Treez ” Single
MY-G “Sidewalk Symphony” Album (2002)
MY-G “Politick’n” Album (2002)
MY-G “Sumpin to Smoke to” Album (2007)
MY-G “King of Features” Album
MY-G and Rose “Somethin you can Feel” Album
MY-G “Vito y Coco” Instrumental Albums 1 AND 2
MY-G/ Indamix Media Kit
MY-G pics/ logos
All links to Indamixrecords Videos

ships out within 2 days

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